A comprehensive music festival from right inside the metaverse

MusicVket 5

2023 6.17 SAT - 6.25 SUN

MusicVket is a full music event in the metaverse space with more than 150,000 visitors from all over the world that began in 2020. The event showcases music composed by many creators and hosts live events by artists held in special concert venues in the metaverse.

MusicVket can be accessed with various devices.

Use VR headsets to immerse yourself, or casually enter with the browser on your smartphone or PC.

Exhibit the songs you have produced

You can exhibit the songs you have produced with your heart and soul, and reach a wider audience.

Search and listen to the music you like

Booths unique to the virtual space will be set up for participants to enjoy the music visually and allow participants to listen to and purchase music while interacting with other participants.

Participate in an open live performance in a VR space

As a new challenge from MusicVket 5, a festival-style timetable will be set up, and "Open Live" will be held.

Watch live and videos

You can enjoy the official streaming. We are also planning to conduct a streaming featuring people who are active in the virtual world.

Interact with other participants

There will be various opportunities to meet and interact with other participants during the event. Check the information on the event page!


  • 2023/09/03

    MusicVket5 has closed. Thank you for your participation!

  • 2023/08/25

    MusicVket5 has opened!
    See here for how to visit!
    Check the exhibitors at website catalog!

  • 2023/08/10

    The MusicVket5 Catalog Page is now open for the public!
    The Exhibition placement positions are also viewable via each of the world pages in the catalog.

  • 2023/04/26

    MusicVket5 exhibitor application has started! Sign up by May 19 at JST: 11:59 p.m., UTC: 2:59 p.m., EST: 10:59 a.m.!

  • 2023/04/25

    MusicVket5 Official Discord for exhibitors and visitors have opened‼ Join from  here


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